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We offer the following services that are tailored to the specific needs of each person.

A living room with private bathroom with hot water. The room is furnished with a bed, nightstand, wardrobe, table, chair, TV set, refrigerator, air conditioning, internet, terrace, seasonal heating.

Food - breakfast, lunch / soup, main course and dessert / and dinner. Optional we also offer afternoon breakfast. The food is prepared by approved recipe book according to the age of the accommodated persons with possibility of personal choice and three variants of a weekly menu.

The residents are provided with 24-hour care by a team of 17 people with experience in the field of social services / manager, social worker - master of social services, nurses, therapists, sanitarian, cooks, driver /. The staff has many years of experience in providing social services for elderly in the Republic of Bulgaria, England and Spain.

We provide health care, treatment and rehabilitation - medical services, incl. assistance in taking medication, accompanying to a personal doctor or a specialist, assistance in hospitalization, assistance in applying tests, etc. All this is observed after informed consent by the user.

Occupational therapy - is carried out through individual and group work according to the capabilities and desires of the accommodated persons. This gives way to social inclusion and therapeutic value. The road to social inclusion passes through charity bazaars, meetings with students and children from kindergartens.

Music therapy - we sing, listen to our favorite music, relax.

• Culture therapy - treatment through art. We follow the cultural life in Balchik and Varna and visit theater productions, concerts, exhibitions and more.

• Providing and providing books, newspapers, magazines, access to computers and the Internet

Barber and hairdressing services if needed

• Washing and ironing of personal stuff and bed linen

• Self-service assistance

• Maintaining good hygiene and good appearance

• Cleaning the room and the adjoining premises

• Information about the legal framework and assistance in obtaining administrative and legal services

• Organizing joint events with other institutions. Integrate into the life of the local community and create good partnerships.

• Providing a room for social contacts and privacy


The service is individual-oriented. It is timely, flexible, responsive to the changing needs of each individual in order to improve his quality of life.